Michael Dewolf

Weight:90kg Height:195cm Birthday:May.13.93 Hong Kong

Michael Dewolf

自从我7岁时从荷兰搬到加拿大渥太华以来,我开始学习如何滑冰然后打曲棍球并没多久。当我加入了我的第一个冰球联赛,冰球就成了我生命中很重要的一部分。我第一次尝试成为一名守门员,并知道我必须在冰上试一试。从那时起,我再也没有回头,并且在接下来的10年里担任守门员。每年冬天都要参加我喜爱的运动,每周3-4次,并享受与队友一起参加比赛。 最后一道防线是一个非常关键的位置,但我一直很享受成为守门员的压力。如果我做好我的工作,我的球队不会输掉比赛,这是我每次踏上冰球场的目标。我喜欢这项运动,当我看到我的队友试图为我们得分时,这非常享受。然后我必须做好准备,当其他球队试图从我身上得分时,我的队友努力阻止他们得分。这就是我喜欢的。冰球是一项伟大的运动,每个人都应该在他们第一次学习如何滑冰后尝试一下。我非常感谢能继续在中国杭州参加这项运动,并且为每次踏上冰场时都穿着Westlaker球衣感到很荣幸。#Go Westlakers Go

Since I moved from Holland to Ottawa, Canada when I was 7 years old it didn’t take long for me to begin learning how to skate and then playing hockey. Once I joined my first hockey league, hockey became a huge part of my life. I first tried being a goalie in road hockey and knew I had to try it on the ice. From then on I never looked back and played as a goalie for the next 10+ years. Every winter consisted of playing the sport I love 3-4 times a week and enjoying going to tournaments with my teammates. #Being the last line of defence is a very critical position but I’ve always enjoyed the pressure of being a goaltender. My team can’t lose the game if I do my job and that’s my goal every time I step on the ice. I love the game, it’s faced paced and unpredictable and so enjoyable to watch from my end as I watch my team try to score for us. Then I must be ready when the other team attempts to score past me and I owe it to my teammates to keep them in the game. That is what I love.#Hockey is a great sport that everyone should try after they first learn how to skate. I’m so thankful that I can continue to play this sport here in Hangzhou, China and feel honoured to wear the Westlaker jersey everytime I step on the ice.#Go Westlakers Go 



最喜欢的球星:Patrick Roy


最喜欢的球队:Washington Capitals / Ottawa Senators

FAVORITE HOCKEY TEAM:Washington Capitals / Ottawa Senators